Meng Seng Pearls was just a small family-owned jewelry shop back in 1987. After numerous years of business, we became one of the largest pearl suppliers in Thailand. With our experiences, we specialize in this profession and as we keep updating ourselves to the modern world, we maintain our products and services to high standard. Moreover, we also believe in providing honest and friendly services, and in return, we receive great trust from our customers.


Meng Seng Pearls has a very impressive stock of pearls in various sizes, colors and shapes. For quality, we mainly focus on standard to excellent grade. Therefore, in order to sustain the quality, our pearls are sourced directly from the producing centers; Freshwater pearls are from China, White and Gold South Sea pearls are from Australia, Black Tahitian pearls are from Tahiti Island, and Akoya pearls are from Japan. Moreover, apart from raw pearls, we also take an order for pearls accessories. Customers could create their own style or order from our catalog, which is designed by our in-house designer.


Meng Seng Pearls has been supplying pearls for both local and international jewelry manufacturers and jewelry retailers. We have exported to various countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Malaysia, and Vietnam.